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Introducing the Tranquil Settlement of Ordjonikidze

Ordjonikidze by the Black Sea

Located on the coast of the Black Sea between Dvuyakornaya Bay and the and Koktebel gulf is the tranquil settlement of Ordjonikidze. Compared with time spent in more well known Black Sea resorts, relaxing in Ordjonikidze is quite special and peaceful.

Ordjonikidze - experience the deep blue waters of the Black Sea

The sea is amazingly clear and clean, in fact one of the cleanest stretches of the Black Sea in the whole of the Crimea. An absence of industrial production and other sources of industrial pollution such as ports and storage terminals coupled with the small size of the settlement make this an almost unspoilt playground.

Ordjonikidze - relax in hospitable cafes while enjoying panoramic vistas

In the vicinity of Ordjonikidze there are a number of both pebbled and sandy beaches, as well as rocky beaches great for going exploring with young children. There are beaches free of charge conveniently located within 50 to 100 meters of residential areas as well as more secluded Black Sea beaches between 1 and 3 kilometers from habitation for those more adventurous or looking for solitude amongst the beauty of the Black Sea.

Ordjonikidze - Everlasting Memories

Time spent is Ordjonikidze is time well spent; appealing to people from all walks of life. From parents looking for that perfect getaway on the beach with their children through to skin divers looking to explore the magnificence of this idyllic spot in the Crimea, Ordjonikidze has something to offer everyone. And it is not just the beach that calls, wanders in the mountains are also memorable highlights of Ordjonikidze.

Ordjonkidze Mountaints

Vistas of the ancient, extinct volcano Karadag remind one of the ever present power of nature in Ordjonikidze that make this area of the Crimean Black Sea truly unforgettable.


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