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The naturist beach: location and conditions

A substantial number of visitors at the naturist beach have been coming to Koktebel for years, so many of them know well each other. The Bohemian spirit originating from as far ago as M. Voloshin’s time is still partially preserved. The “Day of Town” is celebrated at Koktebel in mid August each year, with a military brass band, shows, costumed processions, fireworks at night, etc. The naturist beach is also part of this performance—to the extent of its abilities and accounting for its particular habits, for instance, with body art performances (annual Neptune and Venus Nativity feasts), etc.

Naturalist Beach at Koktebel near Feodosia

The naturist beach at Koktebel occupies an approximately 700 m-long strip of coast line to the east of the town immediately adjoining the official, equipped beaches. Then the naturist beach is interrupted by the “textile” beach of a motorist camping site and a holiday resort (about 500 m long), after which a less densely occupied naturist area continues under the cliffs stretching toward the Tikhaya Bukhta (Quiet Bay); some of those coming with tents prefer settling here. There are a few of other places where naturists stay in tents, for instance, the Lisya Bukhta (Fox Bay) at the other side of the Karadag mountain. The walking distance to the naturist beach from the Koktebel center (bus station, market, post office) is about 25 minutes, and that from the center of the coastal promenade (the passenger boat pier), about 15 minutes. Adjoining the beach from its either end are two motorist camping sites, which provide an opportunity for those coming to the sea with their cars or caravans to stay right by the naturist beach. Running water at the campgrounds serves as a source of drinking water for those camping in tents at the beach.

The coastal strip at the naturist beach is covered with medium-sized pebble, such that one can walk barefoot comfortably, but there is sand at the sea bottom when one comes into the water breast-deep. The beach strip is about 15 meters in width. A lot of brightly colored pebble stones can be found on the beach: agate, jasper, etc.,—Koktebel is renowned for that. There are no rocks of a size exceeding a small cobble both at the shore and underwater. The water is usually clean. The beach is fairly well ventilated on hot days with a breeze blowing from the land.

Naturalist Beach at Koktebel near Feodosia

Outdoor games, such as beach vollyeball or cricket, unfortunately, do not belong to the beach goers usual habits: the beach strip seems to be a bit too narrow, one would not easily move over the pebbles. On the other hand, the locals offer aqua biking and riding on inflatable balloons drawn by speed boats right at the naturist beach all the day round.

Locals offering pies, sweets, smoked fish, beer, etc., for sale are easy to find along the beach. The walking distance from the naturist beach to food kiosks placed at the official beaches is about 5 minutes, and a distance to the nearest cafeterias is about 10 minutes.

There are 3 guys who organise events every summer in August from around the 10th to the 20th. They organize events such as body art performances and annual Neptune and Venus Nativity feasts. We are not involved with organizing those events, so if you want to contact someone about these, you can call:Oleg Novikov, Tel: Home:+78127491623, Mobile:+79500306337. He doesn't speak English, so you will have to call in Russian.

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