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Guide to Internet Cafes and Wi-Fi Access Points in Feodosiya




We provide an internet connection in our flats for our guests staying in Feodosiya. However we don't provide a computer so, if you bring your own laptop we will help you to buy internet credit for it during your stay. If you don't have a laptop, then we recommend the following inexpensive and reliable internet cafes in Feodosiya.


1 - Ping Win Internet Club has 4 places in Feodosiya

Ping Win Internet Cafe In Feodosiya

Adress 1: Galereynaya Street 14-a

mobile: 80956119352 - work: 21463

Adress 2: Fedko Street 1-a

mobile: 80956227899 - work: 91454

Adress 3: Simferopolskoye shosse Street 35

mobile: 80956119359

Adress 4: Starshinova Street 8

During the summer they are open 24/7

2 - Hollywood Internet Cafe

Hollywood Internet Cafe in Feodosiya

Adress: Korobkova Street 2-a

During the summer they are open 24/7.



There are several places to access to Wi-Fi Internet in Feodosiya. Most places provide free Wi-Fi access to paying customers. Wi-Fi Internet access points of special recommendation include:


1 - The saloon-club: “Papasha Billy”




Papasha Billy’s rustic charm invites you.


Adress:  Feodosiya, Fedko str., 4

Telephone:  8 (06562) 3-50-26


2 - The excellent dining spot: “Robin Hood Cafe”


Food so good, you’d think it was robbed from the rich.


Adress: 16 Kuybisheva Street, Feodosiya

Telephone: 8 (06562) 3-58-57



3 - The psychedelic resort: “Beach Club 117”


There’s no party like a Beach Club 117 party!


Adress: Simferopol - Kerch Road

Telephone: +38-0675-778-186


4 - The lively pizzaria: Cafe "Italianskiy Dvorik"


İf you eat their pizza, you are welcome to bring your own alcohol. This place gets very lively and is very evocative of the local, festive culture.


Adress: Feodosiya, 5 Sverdlova str.

Telephone: +380 (6562) 3-45-14


5 - The excellent nightclub: “JOCKEY”


Jockey is one of the best nightspot during the winter months, and boasts great sushi and karaoke year-round.


Adress: Kuibisheva str. 10 Feodosia 

Telephone:  +38 (06562) 21813


6 - A local eatery very near to the central train station: “Cafe Edem”


The greatest of sights for a lost traveler with a laptop.


Adress: Feodosiya, Ukrainian str. - Aivazovsky ave.

Telephone: +380 (66) 9256761


If you have any questions about internet connection options whilst in Feodosiya, don't be afraid to ask. We will guide you to the best solution!

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