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Feodosiya Restaurant, Cafe and Night Club Guide from Feodosiya Apartments

Feodosiya Cafes and Bars

One of the nicest things about traveling is being able to relax after a hard day at the beach or sightseeing over a good meal with friends in a pleasant and fun environment. Rent My Flat in Feodosia is proud to bring to you the following information about restaurants in Feodosiya for your enjoyment during your stay at our apartments. Of course our apartments have cooking facilities, but if you are in the area you will want to sample the local cuisine!

Language can be a bit of a problem, but with a smile and the help of a phrase book you will soon be munching down on some heavenly delights.

Antresol Cafe and Restaurant

No visit to the cafe ''Antresol'' goes unrewarded. Soft, pleasant music - classical, jazz, and the blues create an ambiance perfect for an afternoon or night out. Dishes with unusual and interesting names are not only delicious and generously portioned, but are also a feast for the eyes. Enjoy an original fruit pie and a wide range of natural coffees from Swiss brand Blazer, or tea by ''Svit chau'' . Also in the cafe, savor ''Cimmerian tea'' with fragrant herbal flavors - a blend of sage, mint, thyme, hawthorn, and lavender. In the cafe exhibitions, sales of artist's pictures, musicians performing concerts, offer wonderful opportunities for creative meetings with a diverse group of interesting people. They are organized by poets, writers, and actors. In the evenings, fashion parades and performances by young creative groups, with dancing and music, take place.

The perfect artist's and musician's haven.

Address: Gorkogo str.  13a

Telephone: +38 050 105-91-34 | +38 050 959-93-83 | +38 050 931-40-83.

Banzai Bar, Cafe and Club

Banzai Bar, Cafe and Club is located right on the Kameshi beach very close to the Feodosiya city center. During the day you can eat, swim and drink there and during the night it is one of the best clubs in Feodosiya. It is only open during the summer.


Drinks come within or without a glass.


There is no more beautiful venue in Feodosiya.

We have some great cocktail recipes thanks to the kind and friendly people from the Banzai Bar and Cafe:Feodosiya Cocktail Recipies.

Address: Kameshi Beach, Feodosiya

Telephone: +38 0997 774 222

Charochka and Kumi Restaurant

Charochka and Kumi Restaurant is a Ukrainian style place with music and plenty of atmosphere. If you are looking for a traditional Ukrainian eating experience then we highly recommend Charochka and Kumi Restaurant. Open only during the summer.

Charochka and Kumi Restaurant Feodosiya

Charochka and Kumi Restaurant Feodosiya

Address: 36 Karl Marx Street, Feodosiya

Telephone: 8 (06562)3-05-35

Papasha Billy Restaurant Tex-mex in Feodosiya

Papasha Billy's Saloon American cowboy restaurant and dance hall! Innovative, if not traditional, burritos and enchiladas and lots of Texas atmosphere available at reasonable prices.

Papasha Billy Restaurant Tex-mex in Feodosiya

Address: 4 Fedko Street, Feodosiya

Telephone: 8 (06562) 3-50-26

Arcadia Night Club in Feodosiya

The night club and restaurant Arcadiya is one of the most popular night clubs in Feodosiya. It is located in the center of Feodosiya, between the Ayvazovsky Gallery and the Study of Local Lore Museum. DJs and music will make you to dance till the morning, and the striptease-show is not for the faint of heart. The architecture of the complex resembles the atmosphere of an ancient Greek city - where an amphitheater and imperial boxes allow you to feel as though you were having a feast in ancient Hellas.

Party like it's 399!

Address: Galereinaya str/Aivazovskogo ave., 1/13

Telephone: +38 (06562) 3-13-67 | 095-833-71-31

Robin Hood Cafe in Feodosiya

The Robin Hood Cafe serves excellent lunches and dinners and is also a great spot for drinks.

Robin Hood Cafe in Feodosiya

Address: 16 Kuybisheva Street, Feodosiya

Telephone: 8 (06562) 3-58-57

Mercury Cafe in Feodosiya

Specializing in outstanding Turkish and Tatar Cuisine. The Manager, Sakine,is very well known for her Turkish Coffee fortune telling! Highly recommended.

Mercury Cafe in Feodosia - exterior

Mercury Cafe in Feodosia - interior

Address: 1 Lenina Street, Feodosiya

Telephone: 8 (06562) 3-43-83

Dieticheskoe Cafe in Feodosiya

Cafe Dieticheskoe (Dietary) is an inexpensive eateriy of the Soviet style, and is very popular for having a break in the summer.

Fast, delicious and affordable are always popular.

Address: Fedko str. 5, Feodosiya

Telephone: +38(06562) 3-21-19

Feodosia Guide - Things to see and do in Feodosia

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