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Koktebel - Land of the Blue Alps

Fantasy, fairy tale, magic land. Welcome to "the Land of Blue Alps", - Koktebel translates this way from Turkish. A translation that rings like poetry for a place that is nothing less than sublime.

The Beach at Koktebel

Kocktebel Resort is considered to be the pearl of Crimea. The powerful forces of nature have over millions of years sculpted the mountain ranges, which surround the village from all sides into some truly spectacular scenery. The village is located roughly halfway between Feodosia and Sudak - about half an hour by car from our apartment in Feodoisa. Koktebel is worth a visit for many reasons - as a site of amazing natural splendour, for its literary connections, as the site of many of Russia's first heavier than air flying experiments, and as the location of the largest nudist beach in the whole of the former Soviet Union.

The majestic massif Karadag (black mountain), raising above the sea, is a beautiful corner of Crimea with fabulous rocks, pristine nature not disturbed by civilization, with "Golden Gates", the symbol of South-Eastern Crimea and unique bays.

koktebel monument  koktebel sunset

On the other side of Kocktebel bay the Silent Bight ("Tikhaya Bukhta") and the picturesque cape Hameleon are situated.

From the ancient ground of Kocktebel fragments of amphoras, bronze arrow-heads and Greek coins revealing the areas long historical legacy are still to be found.

Klementyev Mountain (Uzun-Sirt) is the cradle of gliding, and is the location of annual festivals of aeronautics and and a beautiful place to celebrate holidays. Here the famous fore-fathers of aviation and cosmonautics, such as llyushin, Antonov, Korolev and others started their path to the sky. That's why the only museum of gliding in the country was established here in Kocktebel.

Also located in Koktebel is Voloshin's home-museum. The museum's walls preserve in their memory the glorious names of M.Tsvetaeva, M.Bulgakov, V. Veresaev and other famous people.

Resort infrastructure is highly developed in Kocktebel. In Koktebel you have the opportunity to take to the the sky by motorised hang-glider, delta-plane, to take a ride on water skis or, if you want a more relaxing time to cruise on a comfortable yacht at a reasonable price or to enjoy the splendor of costal flora and fauna and to dive with the help of highly qualified trainers.

Interestingly, there was a Russian movie made in 2003 called Roads to Koktebel which one Internet Movie Database reader described as "visually breathtaking." Another reader described the film in this way:

"Koktabel follows the progress of a penniless father and son from some undefined point in Russia to a Black-Sea resort in the Crimea. From my point of view, the story and its characters are primarily vehicles for the stunning images, which ultimately steal the show. But that's not to take anything away from a well-acted story with some very tense and some very funny moments."

You can find out more about this movie at the Internet Movie Database website (IMDB) Koktebel page.

Those who visit Kocktebel will certainly travel to Koktebel to once again feel as a part of these incomparable mountains and the magnificent sea.

Kocktebel is a climatic seaside resort recommended for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory and nervous systems. Bathing season lasts from the middle of May till the end of September.

Windsurfer: Beach at Koktebel

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