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Karadag Natural Reserve

At the beginning of the twentieth century, in 1901 Terenty Ivanovich Vyazemsky, Doctor of Medicine and professor at Moscow University, visited Karadag for the first time and was greatly impressed by the distinctive severe splendor of its nature. On Vyazemsky's initiative and thanks to his beneficence a Scientific Station was organized. This was named after him in 1914 - the year of his death.

Karadag on the Black Sea, CrimeaAnother view of the Karadag Nature Reserve on the Black Sea, Crimea

In 1979 on the base of Biological Station (Karadag Department of the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas, the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine-IBSS ASU) Karadag state reserve was established, from 1997 it was called Karadag Natural Reserve of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

One of its organizers was the leader of Karadag Department of the IBSS ASU Alla L.Morozova- the present Director of Karadag Natural Reserve.

At the present time the Reserve includes 2 scientific departments: the Department of Ecological Monitoring and the Department of Experimental Hydrobiology.

The reserve covers an area of 2874,2 hectares including 809 hectares of the Black Sea waters.

It is situated within the Karadag mountain group, one of the most magnificent places in Crimea. Wild, severe and unique splendor of Karadag has always been attracting the attention of investigators and tourists.

Karadag is the center of biological variety in Crimea where more than 7 thousand kinds of flora and fauna are protected. It's also the only volcanic massif of the Jurassic period about 150-160 millionyears in age. Volcano's activity helped in the formation of more than 100 minerals. In its depths multicolored agate, crystal, light-violet amethyst, cornelian, opal and jasper are hidden.

The library created by T.I. Vyazemsky was passed as a present to the station by its founder.It now contains 57 thousand books, the national property of Ukraine. Karadag Natural Reserve works now as a Scientific Institute ofthe National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Its main task is preserving the biological variety in Crimea, the development a of scientific and educational center for training highly qualified specialists in the field of natural sciences and environmental protection.

A great deal of attention is paid to educating people about the environemnt. That's why guests are hospitably invited to visit the Dolphinarium, Marine Aquarium, the Museum of Nature and History of Karadag Natural Reserve, as well as different annual exhibitions. Of wide popularity are the excursions on ecological trails- by sea along the Karadag Black Sea coastline and the most picturesque part of unique mountainous Karadag.

Karadag Nature Reserve Tour Details:

Tours depart twice daily from the Karadag Nature Reserve - between 8am and 9am in the morning and in the afternoon between 3 and 4pm. The tours last around 4 hours and cover a total distance of 7 kilometers. Tours take place everday except for Tuesdays from May through till the end of September (the high summer season in Feodosiya). The number of people on the tour is limited to between 20 and 25 people - if your group is smaller than this, then they will fit you in with other groups to make up the numbers.

The cost of the tour: 70 UAH for adults and 30 UAH for children.

Reservations can be made by calling: 8(06562)26-287

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