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Beach Club 117

Club 117 is one of the coolest places to party or just hang out in the whole of the Crimea. This is one of the hottest places on the Black Sea. For those of you into psy trance, Israels famous Infected Mushroom headlined there in 2006. If that isn't your scene, then Club 117 has plenty else on offer to make you happy and relaxed.

Chilling on the beach at Beach Club 117

Located 117 kilometers from Smiferopol, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine, Club 117 is on the Simferopol - Kerch road - not far from Feodosiya. Being close to the apartment makes it ideal for a day trip, or a night trip into the cosmos! It is located on the shore of the Black Sea. The beachs name translates from Russian as Golden Beach, because of the perfect colour of the sand.

Aint that hot: Beach Club 117

Beach Club 117 is "a peace of India, a peace of Goa". It's orientally designed and has psychedelic pictures everywhere. The furniture is exclusive and was made especially for the club, and includes Indian furnishings, such as cushions, mats, lanterns - all designed to make your time truly special.

Funky cadets at Beach Club 117

Beach Club 117 offers:

2 comfortable bars with a great diversity of spirits and soft drinks

A general club area of 2 hectares with 400m of coastline.

You can rest and comfortably drink tea in the reed bungalows.

You can get a massage to take away the aches and pains of daily life in the massage area and there is also a tattoo studio and body art.

There are scooters, catamarans, a volleyball ground, soccer ground, and parallel bars if you are feeling adventurous.

Other facilities include cabins with showers and rest rooms.

There is a large dancefloor. The centre of the dance floor is a high, round-shaped balcony, which is sometimes used for the topless dancing. The dancefloor is surrounded by the bar. Everything is covered with a huge dome, made of cloth to protect you from the rain and the sun.

Face-control, Dress-code.

Chilling in the bar at Beach Club 117

For further information, or if you want directions to go to the club, while you are staying in Feodosia feel free to contact the Feodosiya Apartment owners.


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