Why WordPress Bloggers Switch to BlueHost?

At this moment, we keep running more than ten WordPress blogs on our one BlueHost account. The majority of our blogs have their very own area names. We additionally have a boundless number of email tends to completion with our space name. What is more, we are in full control of the look and feel of our blogs.

wordpress blogging

In any case, it was not constantly similar to that.

To start with we were down and out. We needed to blog; however we would not like to pay for anything. So we agreed to accept a free blogger account. After ten months, we chose to get increasingly genuine and we changed to a self-hosted WordPress blog fueled by BlueHost.

Here are the three major issues we had with free blogs:

  • You have that route bar at the top that frequently accompanies free blogs. For instance, Blogger and Xanga both do this. It encourages clients to discover other Blogger or Xanga blogs, yet does it truly exhibit the expert look that you are going for?
  • Your free Bottom Line Cents blog has a couple of essential highlights. For instance, WordPress offers a free stage, however you cannot introduce any of the modules to include additional highlights like top-observer modules, surveys, overview, and so forth.  LiveJournal offers a free stage, yet their fundamental records have a couple of their highlights turned on. On the off chance that you need more administrations, you can get an or more record, however then you consent to let LiveJournal run their promotions on your blog. In the event that you need to kill their advertisements, or purchase your very own area name to use with your blog, at that point you need a paid record 3 every month.
  • You are not permitted to profit with your free blog. Loads of individual’s blog since it is enjoyable. However, we additionally endeavor to check whether we can profit as an afterthought. All things considered, there are loads of approaches to profit through blogging: Google advertisements, partner joins, supported posts.

The main issue is that a great deal of the free blogging stages explicitly states that you cannot run those things. For instance, the free WordPress stage does not enable you to run promotions on your site. The huge exemption to this is Blogger. Blogger is claimed by Google and they make it simple to run Google Ads on your blog. In any case, and, after it’s all said and done, organizations like PayPerPost that compensation your to compose supported posts will regularly dismiss your blog in the event that you are running a free record at typepad, xanga, blogspot, livejournal, wordpress, or vox.