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Feodosia Apartments: Ukraine Guide Books

Lonely Planet Ukraine Travel Guide

We are proud to announce that Lonely Planet have released a new edition of Ukraine Lonely Planet Guide Book (2011) featuring our apartments.


The people at Lonely Planet were kind enough to say the following about our apartments in Feodosia: ( - This private apartment for rent  also has an informative English website with detailed museum, restaurant and bar listings.

Nice to hear that they find this website useful, and we hope that our readers do too.

As elsewhere in Ukraine, it makes a lot of sense to rent a flat in Feodosia, rather than get ripped off by hotels. The incredibly helpful people at operate three tastefully decorated flats with internet connections and lots of books.

We were really happy to read that and in the future will endeavour to do our best to provide the highest level of service and comfort we can to our guests. To read more about out apartments, and how to book click here: our rental apartments in Feodosia.

Ukraine Travel Guide

Ukraine Travel Guide - Lonely Planet The most popular brand of guide books available is Lonely Planet. Their Ukraine guide book is very useful if you are travelling to the western parts of Ukraine, including Feodosia and the Crimea. If you are looking for a guidebook to help you on your travels to the Black Sea coast (including Feodosia and our apartments) of the Ukraine then we are sure you will find this book to be highly useful.



Ukraine Travel Guide - Publishing details


  • 3rd Edition / May 2011

  • ISBN: 9781741793284

  • 292 pages

  • 20 pages in colour

  • 48 maps

  • Authors: Marc Di Duca and Leonid Ragozin

  • Next scheduled release date: May 2014


From the publishers description:

You might be expecting to find elegant cities, spectacular peaks and ancient cave cities in Ukraine, but were you expecting rampaging nightlife in Odesa and bathers parading around in 18th-century and punk costumes on the Yalta coast?

You can pick up a copy of the Lonely Planet Guide to Ukraine at the Lonely Planet website (opens in a new window).

You also may be interested in Feodosia Maps showing the location of Feodosia in relation to Europe, Ukraine and the Crimea.

Learn Russian in Feodosia

Interested in Crimea's culture and history and communicating with the locals?

Here is your opportunity to learn Russian.

Current weather in Feodosia

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