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Guide to travel by Train to Crimea / Simferopol

Despite the recent increase in train ticket prices in the Ukraine, travel by rain still remains cheap by Western European standards. For example, a ticket in a 2nd class car from Kiev will cost you: Lvov -$17, Simferopol - $16, Odessa - $19, Moscow - $56. During the last few years huge resourses have been poured into improving Ukraine's railway system. This has made rail a good way to travel in Ukraine. Besides that, train travel will give you the opportunity to experience real life in this interesting country. Simferopol is the main gateway to the Crimea for rail, as well as by plane. About 90 km south of Simferopol is the railway junction at Jankoi. At Jankoi the main line splits off to head for Feodosia and Kerch. At Ostriakovo the main line splits off again for Sevastopol and Simferopol.

By train you can reach the Crimean capital the city of Simferopol and three of four Ukrainian Black Sea ports: Sevastopol, Feodosia, and Kerch. Excellent timetables for trains throughout the former Soviet Union can be found at the website "".

When your train trip or flight to Simeferopol is over, other Crimean destinations can be reached by bus, mini bus (marshrutka), trolleybus, taxi or car.

If you are coming to Feodosia or when you are in Feodosiya we will always be happy to help you with any information or advice you need regarding transportation so that you have a pleasant, worry free relaxed stay at our apartments.

Learn Russian in Feodosia

Interested in Crimea's culture and history and communicating with the locals?

Here is your opportunity to learn Russian.

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