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Crimea's Top Ten Tourist Attractions

The region of Crimea is situated in the southern part of Ukraine and the peninsula of Crimea is connected to the remaining Ukrainian territory with a very narrow piece of land which makes it more like an island. The Peninsula represents the Crimean war that took place in the year 1854 and 1856 which paved the way for modernized nursing, reporting of live war along with use of the Balaclava (woolen head gear).

Crimea is an amazing place for spending a holiday season as there are many tourist attractions in Crimea. The following pages introduce ten of the most famous attractions in the Crimea.

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Feodosia Guide - Things to see and do in Feodosia


You also may be interested in Feodosia Maps showing the location of Feodosia in relation to Europe and the Crimea.

Learn Russian in Feodosia

Interested in Crimea's culture and history and communicating with the locals?

Here is your opportunity to learn Russian.

Current weather in Feodosia

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